Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is the penalty for making false police reports?

my husband is facing 3 domestic violence in the 3rd degree misdemeanor charges, and i have been trying to drop them, but the court prosecutor is refusing to let me and told me that when i go to court if my testimony is different than what i told the court he will press charges on me. what kind of sentence could i face? i am pregnant and don't want to be in jail, but i also don't want my husband there.What is the penalty for making false police reports?
You will face jailtime for that. That is a bad idea.What is the penalty for making false police reports?
i think its called obstruction of police, i don't know what the penalty is
First of all I feel sorry for your child.The truth is it is not your fault its your husbands he has chose to stay with you and have children.I dont understand why women lie like that it is so damaging to a man he will never get over it.More than likely the D.A. will drop it do to lack of eveidence if you are at the court date the da will pull you aside and ask if you are going to give a statment DONT and they will have to drop it.If you do that to many time they wont drop it.Thats what is happening to me right know its all kinds of fun THANK GOD FOR LIEING WOMEN
kicked in the butt.
Sounds Messy,

You Could Face Jailtime Or A Very Hefty Fine... The Way I See It I Think It Is Alot Better For The Man To Go To Jail Then You... I Mean Your Pregnant!
11 months 29 days, if he beat a pregnant woman he needs to go to jail
Purgery, lying, can get you a jail sentence
You're a cold b*tch for lying about domestic abuse. I hope you rot in hell for it.
Darn, you're more than confused. First, get an abortion. If that is not possible, give the baby up for adoption. No, first leave your husband - for everyone's sake. Do all of that and the court and the rest of the world might think there is hope for you. I'm not happy about being so harsh, but anything less will leave your baby in dire straights in her/his grand opening.
Keep your story straight in court...the sentence depends on the judge and what you lied about.
Sounds to me like you need a lawyer. In the US, a married person can't be compelled to testify against his or her spouse in court.

You can refuse to testify in court on that ground without retracting your original complaints. That will seriously damage the prosecution's case and even if convicted, your husband will likely receive a less severe sentence than he would if you testified against him. Some judges may dismiss the case if you refuse to testify.

Be sure to get a lawyer's advice on how to proceed and what to say in court. The CAN make you appear, but they CAN'T compel you to testify against your husband.

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